The Women’s Planet

Everything started with this femdom story, the first I’ve ever written.

Entirely located in a dedicated sister-blog, it’s still the one I love the most…

Year 2525. Climate changes have almost destroyed the Earth, and last humans now live in balance with the environment. A new zero-impact Constitution has been ratified: pollutant engines are prohibited, and the few survived animals can’t be submitted. Women has taken control of the society, declaring men responsible for all the past disasters and proclaiming females as the only citizens of the new world.

Men are enslaved, decreased to the status of workforce. Women use them for working in the fields like mules, protecting and serving ladies like dogs, carrying them like horses. Mistresses control slaves by reins, spurs, whips. They own all the remaining firearms and can legally kill every man, even without any reason. This situation, together with the conscious awareness of their failure, keeps men submissive beyond every expectations.

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7 thoughts on “The Women’s Planet

  1. I want really this climate now days. Generaly females must rule the males and will treat them as slave dogs like cruely. Evry day ten times the male slaves must lick the ass of the great females

  2. This would make a really good movie! You should try to pitch this! Even for people not interested in femdom erotica, this story had a great plot and character development!

  3. Very good stories. I want many stories like this. If possible, need this stories translation Indian language Tamil.

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