Everything started a few years ago, when I wrote The Women’s Planet

My name is Steven and, well, I’m passionate about women! More precisely, I love those women who are able to gain control over men. And I believe feminine charm and self-confidence is worth even more than beauty.

After the first story mentioned above, which remains located in a sister-blog, I wrote two more stories about female domination: My sister, my Goddess and From slavery to Eden. They’re fairly long and you can access them through the top menu.

Ponyplay is always a key component of my stories. But there is usually much more.

The purpose of this new blog is to publish shorter exciting tales “on-the-go”… as events and inspirations from real life drag me into a fantasy world, where submission to superior women is the rule. Hopefully this will help me write and publish more often!

Hope you’re going to enjoy it! Every comment will be more than welcome… and if you wish to contact me, please look up StevenPony on Fetlife!

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